Kormax is setting the standard in hydropower bearings. We have the extensive experience, expertise and proven performance to meet the global demands of the hydropower industry. Our high-quality Enviromax H-Series is specifically designed for use in turbine wicket gates and other Hydro applications.


Experience and Expertise in Hydropower

Kormax offers many solutions for renewable energy applications, notably in the hydropower industry where we have extensive experience and expertise in environmentally protected waterways. With our head office in New Zealand, a country renowned for its beautiful environment we understand how to achieve environmentally desirable goals while delivering reliable engineered solutions.


Quality & Environmentally friendly

The high load capacity of our Enviromax bearings provides significant savings in new hydroelectric installations. Thanks to their self-lubricating properties, Enviromax bearings do not require additional lubricants, avoiding the possibility of water contamination. All Enviromax bearings are batch tested and tracked for absolute piece of mind.

Maintenance-Free and Corrosion Resistant

Enviromax bearings require little to no maintenance, the structure and composition makes them corrosion resistant in wet environments.

Engineering Leadership

Our bearing experts have the knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions to even the most challenging applications. Kormax uses the latest technology in design performing FEA analysis on every high-load Hydro bearing.

Custom Design

Design the best bushing suitable for a unique application with Kormax Better by Design bearing design service. Achieve service-life, reliability and cost saving goals by dealing directly with an engineering firm with access to multiple manufacturing options.



Wicket Gates/Guide Vanes
Operating Ring Pads
Main Guide Bearing
Spillway Gates
Pelton Turbines
Intake Gates
Ball Valves
Butterfly Valves
Tainter Gates
Miter Gates

Francis & Kaplan Turbines

Kormax offers Francis turbine manufacturers and power utility companies with high-performance Enviromax bearings custom designed for ultimate performance. Kormax Enviromax self-lubricating bearings can replace bronze bearings on both new and refurbished Francis turbines. Enviromax self-lubricating bearings eliminate the need for grease, allowing for a cleaner downstream environment. The unique low-friction capacity of Enviromax allows the material to operate completely dry or in submerged conditions. With excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance, this material performs with virtually no swell in water. Enviromax bearings are the proven choice for reliability, long life and superior customer service for Francis turbines.

Bearings used in Hydro turbines are subjected to both wet and dry conditions, heavy side loads, misalignment and impact loads during their normal operating cycles. It is not uncommon to see bearing pressures as high as 2,000psi without the benefits of grease or water lubrication.