Plain Bearings and Bushings for heavy duty applications.

Kormax design and manufacture from an extensive range of materials using the latest materials and design technology. With the ability to do rapid manufacturing and delivery Kormax ensures critical heavy industry doesn't suffer additional downtime caused by poor plain bearing design or quality.

Kormax designs plain bearings in different sizes for a wide range of industrial applications that require minimal maintenance, reliability and cost-efficiency with long service life. The use of the right plain bearing material for applications and versatile properties of our plain bearings make them highly successful for all major sectors. Read More

Bronze Bearings

Kormax offer a range of Metal Plain Bearings and Bushings for Heavy Duty applications. The range includes Spherical Plain Bearings, Sintered bearings, Bronze Bushings or Bearings, Self Lubricated bearings and Case Hardened Bushes to cover a wide range of applications. For specification assistance our application engineers can guide the correct selection for the conditions.

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Metric.Imperial Bushes

Key Features
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 250°C/300°F
  • Ability to withstand some mixed boundary lubrication
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Toughmax Series 1

Key Features
  • Maintenance-free bearing material for heavy duty applications
  • Available with the Enviro-Plug or Oilmax plug options
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 250°C/480°F
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Oil Impregnated Bronze Bearings

Key Features
  • Excellent for light loads at relatively high speeds
  • Maintenance free with self-lubricating Oil impregnation
  • SAE 30 Oil contains antioxidant, anti-rust and defoamant additives.
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Case Hardened Steel

Case Hardened Steel Bushes 56-60HRC. Wide range of sizes available in stock or custom bushes made to order. Suitable for Heavy Machinery with lubrication.

Case Hardened Steel Bushes

Key Features
  • Suited for high impact applications
  • Require grease lubrication
  • Made with central, spiral or custom grease grooves
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Hardened Steel Pins

Key Features
  • Very high hardness and strength
  • Custom made for OEM
  • Wide range of pin diameters
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Composite Bearings

Kormax Composite bearings is a commonly used substitute to bronze, nylon, wood and phenolic resin materials. Kormax Composite is woven from Polyester cloth with embedded Moly and PTFE lubricants and high performance resins. Suited for high load, slow speed applications, Composite bearings is the desirable choice for Marine, Hydro and many Industrial applications. Kormax Composites offer higher load capacity and better dimensional stability than many other non-metal bearing materials. When high strength, low friction and wear are important, Kormax is your perfect partner.

Enviromax H series

Key Features
  • Excellent for use in Hydropower Stations & Dams
  • Embedded Solid Lubricant for maintenance free operation
  • High shock and edge loading tolerance
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Enviromax M Series

Key Features
  • Designed for use in Marine & underwater applications
  • Environmentally friendly in Fresh or Saltwater
  • Maintenance-Free Operation with Embedded Solid Lubricant
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Enviromax T Series

Key Features
  • Maintenance-Free Operation with Embedded Solid Lubricant
  • Suitable for use in wet and dry applications
  • Excellent for bearings and seals in Hydraulic Pumps and Cylinders
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Glidemax G Series

Key Features
  • Self Lubricating for maintenance free operation
  • Wear resistant to dry abrasive particles
  • Good performance to weight ratio
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Better by Design

Kormax offers a fresh innovative approach to design by collaborating with global material technology leaders. With over 70 years experience in engineered components we understand its the detail that makes the difference. Through our collaborative approach and global capabilities we bring the best for manufacturers and engineering.

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As a continuous improvement organisation listening never stops. Through after-sales support and listening to feedback we learn, we resolve and we support our customers. We add to our knowledge base and prove new ways to offer customers the best.



A production plan is prepared ensuring production capacity and quality control are maintained to standard. The Supply chain system is set up to ensure all delivery requirements are achieved. Manufacturing commences and delivery satisfaction is measured.



The create stage involves conceptual design then detailed design. At conceptual design our application engineers open their minds to a wide range of creative solutions. Through brainstorming and internal consultation we model and analyze a number of ingenuitive options. Options are presented and through rationalization we assist in selecting the best design strategy. Detailed design & modelling is then performed to ensure the product is production ready.



The best solutions come only when the problem is comprehensively understood. At Kormax we begin with a confidential 360° review to fully understand everything. This broad analysis dives deep into the application objectives, physical factors, chemical exposure, manufacturing process, serviceability, operating maintenance, risk assessment, legal requirements, certification, competitive threats and budgetary targets.